Researching Economic Relations

International Economics and Economic Diplomacy Centre

A highly specialized international online institution promoting open access research of international economics and economic diplomacy.

Research Areas

There are ten research categories divided into two groups in IEEDC. This ensures easy navigation for readers and researchers. Thus, the Centre keeps its highly specialized profile by publishing relevant papers. 

Research Atelier

The aim of the Research Atelier is to provide an advanced environment for researches and readers of International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. In particular:

  • free open-access research papers and articles from scholars all over the world
  • tips for better research and study
  • research paper calls including collaboration requests

All articles and papers are under the free open-access scheme. This encourages a research competition and improves the quality of the published papers. All the articles and papers are in English with proper bibliography information. 

Publish Your Research Ideas, Tips and Papers

IEEDC welcomes pro-active people fascinated by research and development of International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. 

  • IEEDC accepts short essays about new research ideas – share YOUR IDEAS with the community
  • IEEDC aims to build online resources to help researchers (tips, recommendations, experience, personal stories)
  • IEEDC looks for research papers and articles which could be published bearing in mind a free open-access policy for everyone on the planet

Emerging and Developing Economies

Harder living conditions and access to education could generate valuable innovative thinking comparable with advanced economies. Therefore, IEEDC encourages talented scholars and researchers to publish their papers. Moreover, spread a word about your ideas and thoughts by a useful article. Take your voice to the public and inform the world about interesting research ideas, tips, papers and articles. 


Presenting research ideas, calls for research papers and resources to help researchers to achieve their goals.


Promoting research papers for everyone in the world. Creating a free open-access library of research papers and resources.


Incredible opportunity to publish your paper and get recognized. Share your research ideas and tips with the world.