10 Research Topic Suggestions For Economic Diplomacy

One of the most difficult tasks for researchers is to choose a great research topic. There are three primary questions:

  • Is the research topic interesting enough for an excellent PhD dissertation?
  • Are there enough quality resources to support all sections of the PhD work?
  • Does the topic align with the PhD supervisor´s research interest?

It is important to confidently check all the boxes. Even though the above-mentioned questions look very elementary, you would be surprised how many PhD candidates struggle at this stage. If you are not 100% sure or you feel that there is something unclear, please, talk with your PhD supervisor – he/she has already gone through this process. Consequently, there is a great chance to learn about this experience and get your topic on a track towards a successful PhD dissertation.  

Economic Diplomacy Research

The title of this article promises 10 research topic suggestions for economic diplomacy. However, the aim is not to write a super-specific dissertation title which you could “copy-paste” and start writing a dissertation. Why? It would limit your creativity and ability to think outside the box. Therefore, consider these 10 topics as “unexplored” PhD areas where you can use all skills and knowledge to conduct world-class research. 

  1. Economic diplomacy of the EU members in terms of the USA vs. China trade clashes
  2. Czech economic diplomacy as an advanced model for the EU economic foreign policy
  3. Comparison of India´s economic diplomacy towards the EU and USA
  4. V4 countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) in tough competition for local investments
  5. Sophisticated ways of Chinese economic diplomacy in the Balkans
  6. The US economic diplomacy in Russia in the times of sanctions during the Trump Administration
  7. A role of the Institute for the Works of Religion (the Vatican Bank) in international relations
  8. Shortcomings of the British Chambers of Commerce in African countries
  9. Economic diplomacy of Latin American countries in Russia
  10. Development of the Sino – Belarusian economic relations after 2010

So, what can you do now? Think about your abilities to research any of the above-mentioned topics and use your creativity – Where can you actually direct the research dissertation? What would be a benefit of your dissertation? 

Economic diplomacy is a fascinating area to research. Thus, be confident in your research topic selection. If you have already written about any of the mentioned topics, please, let me know about your results. What´s more, the work can be shown here, as well.