International Economics and Economic Diplomacy Centre


The International Economics and Economic Diplomacy Centre (IEEDC) was established in 2019 as an independent online institution by Martin Zubko, an enthusiastic academic ambassador, business diplomat and idea development adviser. 

I want to create a free open-access online institution where people can publish (read) the most fascinating research ideas about International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. (Martin Zubko)


  • Connect experienced staff with young researchers in the search of innovations and unique solutions.
  • Support free open-access to research papers and articles as an intangible heritage of humanity.
  • Promote international research cooperation.


  • pro-active international collaboration
  • free expression of opinion respecting common sense and principles of humanity
  • free access to information and education, including research papers as full-text publications
  • free opportunities to share research ideas with the international community


IEEDC is an online institution based on a specific purpose – to support and promote research in International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. IEEDC does not share any received personal information with anyone (when you send an email or contribute to the website). There is also no physical building or the address since the IEEDC operates online. 

A primary communication instrument is an email –

How To Support the IEEDC?

To support the IEEDC, please, email to the Centre to discuss further details. At the moment, the IEEDC is a one-man online institution to which Martin Zubko dedicates his time, resources and energy. 

I have developed everything from the scratch as you can see it now bearing in mind the latest trends. Thus, your donations to support the IEEDC is very appreciated. Thank you for considering to support the Centre. (Martin Zubko)