Research Areas & Categories

International Economics

  • International trade
  • International finance
  • International monetary economics
  • International macroeconomics
  • International political economy

Economic Diplomacy

  • Bilateral and multilateral economic diplomacy
  • State and non-state actors
  • Structural policies and investment agreements
  • Economic sanctions
  • International organizations

Research Mission

Putting great emphasis on effective implementation in practice, our vision is to achieve recognized research in International Economics and Economic Diplomacy. The mission of the Centre is to attract and encourage wise ideas of intelligent people whose creative and innovative thinking produces ingenious solutions. A completed research paper should serve humankind, so we can all live better lives on the planet. 

  • Conduct in-depth transparent research with clearly stated outcomes – ACHIEVEMENT
  • Strengthen critical thinking based on an independent knowledge platform facing local and global scrutiny – QUALITY
  • Distinguish between basic and applied research in terms of who might benefit from outcomes – IMPLEMENTATION