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  • Development of the Czech economic diplomacy within and outside of the European Union
  • Implemented innovations vs. shortcomings
  • Influence of the Trump administration
  • Chinese global ambitions vs. US global hegemony
  • The EU market opportunities
  • Russia and China – partners or enemies?
  • African states vs. Middle East countries
  • Economic diplomacy of the V4 countries to lure foreign direct investments
  • Development and evaluation of the V4 countries in terms of economic diplomacy
  • Influence of the V4 countries emigrants on economic diplomacy
  • What is China doing differently or more effectively than the rest of the world? 
  • Chinese influence in Africa and Middle East
  • Australia and China – the best future friends?
  • How is the US business in Russia doing?
  • New incentives to do business in Russia
  • Main missed opportunities for win-win scenarios
  • How the EU structures develop economic diplomacy in the EU member states?
  • Interests of the EU member states vs. interests of the EU itself
  • Brussels loby groups vs. the EU member states 
  • An importance of Vatican bank in the international financial system
  • Controversy and scandals
  • Regulation and disclosure

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